Design lead for a mobile app to provide care services for the NYU Community

NOV 2018—APR 2019


Keeyo is a mobile app for quick and reliable child care services for NYU faculty and students. NYU is committed to providing access to a wide array of child care options because finding reliable caregivers is important to working parents and access to affordable, quality child care is essential to successful faculty and students performance. It is part of a new initiative by NYU’s Provost Office for Work-Life Balance.

Role: I was the lead designer on the project and responsible for end to end product design. I interacted and worked with our client (NYU Work-Life) to develop this project. I was also responsible for designing the logo.


New York University has an estimated 9700 full time and part time faculty and over 2700 administrative staff. Over 53,000 students are enrolled in NYU as of Fall 2018 and approximately 5% of PhD and graduate students are parents too. Since some years, there has been an increasing need for efficient child care services at NYU. New York City is also one of the world’s most expensive city and students often find it hard to afford their living expenses without having a part-time job.

How might we build a tangible solution for child care that benefits the stakeholders of NYU and leads to an improved work-life balance for the NYU community?

We identified three key design goals that Keeyo should achieve. Having these goals was helpful in prioritizing our features as well.


We interviewed some students who do babysitting sometimes and students who are enrolled in child development, nursing and care programs. We also interviewed some administrative staff at NYU and several professors that have kids. Some key insights:


Based on all the information we had, we started creating user flows for the app and started mapping different use cases.


Quick first prototypes done on paper for some guerrilla usability testing with co-workers and to get a sense of how things will proceed in the app. These included screens for student and kid profiles, home screen, and finding matches.


I also designed the logo for the app in Figma and and tried a number of iterations before settling on this one. Our client wanted the logo to signify “solidarity and connections within the NYU community”

App Icon
Finishing up the rest of the case study, will be live soon.