Hello! 👋

I am a Product Designer who was a mechanical engineer in a previous life. I have been designing since 2016 and I also hold a Masters degree in Integrated Digital Media from NYU where my focus was on UX, UI, Interaction Design and AR/VR.

I have worked on a diverse range of projects across web, mobile, desktop, VR, and AR. I love using humane and accessible design practices to create usable, aesthetic and delightful interfaces and products.

Available for new opportunities in Product, UI, UX design in the web3 + NFT space


Lead product Designer — Tide Estates

Lead UI Designer — Looking Glass Factory
NOV 2020—MAY 2021

Product Designer — Sansar
AUG 2020—DEC 2020

Product Designer — Novelty Interactive
JAN 2020—APR 2020

UX Designer — SpringboardVR
Aug 2019—DEC 2019

Product Designer — NYU IT
JAN 2018—APR 2019

UX Designer — Craft x Microsoft
MAR 2018—Nov 2018

Freelance Designer
Apr 2016—Nov 2017

I am an eternal optimist about technology and the way it changes our lives. I am exploring how NFTs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Video games can positively enhance our lives. I am also a hobbyist game designer, amateur creative coder and cryptoart collector 🖼️

When not working, I am trying out new cafés, playing videogames and boardgames, spending time in VR, watching indie cinema and anime, obsessing over typography, browsing interesting things on Product Hunt, reading books, and often daydreaming 💭

Let's Chat!

Feel free to reach out for enquires, collaborations, speaking opportunities or to geek out and talk about emerging tech, art and NFTs!